Upcoming Interviews

June: Freedom, Resentment, and the Metaphysics of Morality. Author: Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA)

July : Minding the Gap. Author: Karen Stohr (Georgetown)

August: Neurofunctional Prudence and Morality. Author: Marcus Arvan (Tampa)

August: Confucianism and the Philosophy of Well-Being. Author: Richard Kim (Loyola)

September: Introducing Prophetic Pragmatism. Authors: Jacob Goodson (Southern Kansas) and Brad Elliot Stone (Loyola Marymount)

October: Active Ethical Agency. Author: Terence Cuneo (Vermont)

November: Morality and Mathematics. Author: Justin Clarke-Doane (Columbia)

December: Instrumental Rationality. Author: John Brunero (Nebraska)

December: Moral Psychology with Nietzsche. Author: Brain Leiter (Chicago)

January: Epistemology and Methodology in Ethics. Author: Tristram McPherson (The Ohio State)

FL21: The Need to Know. Author: Daniel Groll (Carleton)

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